Training designed for your unique environment

We offer state of the art defensive tactics and counter measures training that is designed around what your team or group needs. Pulling from our vast background and experience, we will build the program to fit the environment n which you or your team operate. We have developed programs for Military Groups, Law Enforcement (SWAT), Personal Protection Specialist (bodyguards), Corporate Security Teams, and more.

The market is full of low quality information and training that is considered "popular" but does not fit into your environment or take into consideration the legal ramifications of using them. It's time for a change. We seek to ensure that all who are trained by us gain the highest quality training that can be provided. We seek to provide you and your team the skills needed to adapt quickly to an ever changing environment.

Any course that we offer is available for training at your location, just give us a call and we can arrange a class at your convenience. We can build a program around your teams environment.

Visit our course page for a full list of programs.

Countermeasure for the protection specialist

Defensive tactics in and around the motor vehicle.

The high-performance breathing program introduces the student to the processes of the brain in relation to dealing with low to high-level stress environments. This would include dealing with the day-to-day stress of work and relationship challenges all the way up to professional operators in the Protection, security, law enforcement and military fields.

A principle centered training system for dealing with an armed threat

Learn to deal with and stop the grappler by changing the ground game

Maintaining the weapon system while close quarters with a threat

Aggressive close quarter combat for when it's time to finish the encounter quickly

Learn to intelligently deal with and end the unique threat presented by an edged weapon